Fitbit Flex Review

Peter Drucker once said, “What gets measured, gets managed.” Using a small wearable pedometer to track your steps is the best way to manage your fitness level. The three major players in this market are the Nike Fuelband, Fitbit ForceUP by Jawbone, and Fitbit Flex. I went with the Fitbit Flex because of the size and great features. I wear it all the time except when I am in the shower. It is waterproof but I do not like that soap and water can get in the band. I have to plug it into the computer to recharge the battery about once a week. It records every step and is able to track your sleep patterns. It does synchronize with my cell phone and the app / online can record your calories. It also allows you to see calorie intake versus calories burned.

I am pleased with the purchase, however it is not perfect. But, until they can invent an implantable device that does not need to be recharged, this will do the trick.

Product Features

• Records steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and minutes spent being active, so you can easily keep an eye on your daily routine.
• Sleep-cycle tracker.
• Monitors the time and quality of your sleep. A silent alarm gently wakes you in the morning.
• Show you at a glance how you’re doing with your daily activity goals.
• Slim design and water-resistant.
• Online tracking and great website interface.
• Lets you sync the device, set goals, track progress and more from your computer or mobile device (Internet connection required).
• Android and Apple® iPhone® app
Allows you to log additional information on your mobile phone or tablet (download required) and enables automatic syncing.


• Easy to wear
• A ton of great features online and in the app
• Works greats
• Size and design


• Battery life
• Does not always sync if you do not launch the app everyday (This may be user error)

Here are a few other Pedometers that have good reviews.







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