Going to college? Get your checklist.

For your college CHECKLIST, we have you covered.


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o Backpack or messenger bag
o Folders
o Notebooks
o Paper, and paper clips
o Pens, pencils, and highlighters
o Post-it® Notes
o Staplers and staples
o Tape
o Note cards

Dorm Room Organization

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o Cork board and pushpins
o Dry erase board and markers
o Chair
o Desk
o Lamp
o Organizers
o Storage bins
o Hooks


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o Cloud storage service
o Hard drive
o Headphones
o Laptop
o Microsoft software
o Surge protector
o USB drivers


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o Clorox® wipes
o Garbage bags
o Paper towels
o Dusters
o Wastebasket

Snacks & Beverages

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o Mini refrigerator
o Keurig® and K-Cups®
o Water and juice
o Trail mix, nuts and healthy snacks
o Disposable cups, bowls and plates
o Energy drinks


(Find it on Amazon)
o Batteries
o Alarm clock
o Kleenex®
o Mini safe

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