Are All Samsung Appliances Junk?

Our family has had Samsung TVs and phones for years without any real issues, but we purchased all new Samsung appliances 2 and half years ago when we built our home and have had an issue with nearly every single one. Are we alone on this? We purchased everything at the h.h. gregg in Parma, Ohio. The brand and models were recommended by the sales person.  The problems all started shortly after the items were delivered when the shelf in the refrigerator broke. After that, it was an avalanche of problems; the circuit board on the microwave stopped working (covered under warranty), the seal on the washing machine was pulled into the machine and now has been leaking (not covered under warranty), the water pump on the dishwasher failed (not covered under warranty). The dishwasher broke the day before our holiday party.

Here is a list of the models we purchased:

Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung Microwave (Model # SMH9187ST)

Samsung Washing machine (Model # WF410ANW/XAA)

Samsung Dryer (Model # DV410AEW/XAA)

Samsung Dishwasher (Model # DMT800RHS)

Samsung electric oven and range (Model # FTQ353IWUX)

Samsung Refrigerator (Model # RFG297AARS)

With this most recent problem with our Samsung dishwasher, I asked the repairperson “are Samsung appliances junk?” He responded, “Samsung is one of the better brands but all of the major brands have issues.” His answer was suspect because he has no motivation to publicize what brand never needs his services.  For that reason, we put together our “Appliance Buyers Guide.” If you are looking to buy new appliances in Cleveland, please try the following:

1. Do your research, research, and more research.  Get the most current issue of Consumer Reports Magazine and check out their top recommended appliances.

2. Then, research your top two choices online. See what other people are saying and experiencing with these choices.

3. Use a credit card that gives you an extended warranty.

4. Look into the extended warranty and see what is covered. As I discussed above, our appliances are less than 3 years old and we have spent just over $500 on parts and labor. Extended warranties are rarely worth paying for (I am sure you know that) but it is worth looking into.

5. Just because it looks great, does not mean that it is going to run great. I was a fool for good looking appearances, that’s for sure.

6. Turn it on in the store to check the decibel levels. The noise level of our range hood sounds like a jet engine. It is so noisy we usually do not turn it on.

7. Measure and remeasure. You not only want to make sure your new appliance will fit your house. You also want to consider how your new appliance will interact with its surroundings.

8. Prepare to negotiate and do not pay retail. Dealers will match the lowest price offered by the competition. Check online for the best price. Also, ask for free delivery and installation or a free extended warranty. What’s the worst they could say? No?

We hope that list helps with your next appliance trip.  Let us know what your favorite place in Cleveland to buy appliances is and what brand you have found the most reliable. We wish we would have shopped around more and asked for help the first time around!


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