Is It Time For Dad To Lose Some Weight?

Are Your Kids Telling You That It Is Time For Dad To Lose Some Weight? This is beginning of a series of post on a Cuyahoga Dad’s efforts to lose weight. I am 36 years old, 5’8″ and 219 lbs. I would like to say I was muscular or stocky but neither would apply. I was motivated to lose weight after my son drew the picture here to the left when we were playing outside. My theory is that if I eat a more plant-based diet and move more, I will lose the weight. Now, I am no vegan so I am not going meat-free but I am going to try to eat a majority of vegan and vegetarian dishes. I am also going to try to exercise more. I figure that the more I move, the more calories I burn. To track my daily movement I purchased the Fitbit Flex. (Check out the Cleveland Moms Rock review). I have had the Fitbit Flex for the last 60 days to get a baseline on my inactivity.  I have been averaging about between 6000 and 9000 steps during the week (yes, I have a desk job) and 14,000 steps on the weekend. Experts recommend 12,000 steps-per-day for weight control. See University of Kalmar (2008, January 13). For Weight Control You Will Need To Walk More Than 10,000 Steps A Day. ScienceDaily.

As of now, I am not going to cut anything else out of my diet. Check back next month to see my progress.

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