Antidote for Summer Learning Loss

Cleveland Moms Rock believes in building strong bodies and minds. During the long summer break, an attention to reading is vital to academic success.

The findings of a recent three-year study by a major University confirmed that students who take part in summer reading program significantly improve their reading skills. In fact, they found that kids who participate in these programs improve their reading skills ahead of their peers who do not.

  • – Reading over the summer prevents “summer reading loss.”

  • – Reading over the summer helps children keep their skills up.

  • – Summer reading provides a lifelong interest in books.

  • – Some researchers estimate 50-67% of the achievement gap, is the result of summer learning loss.

  • – Reading with your children is fun and provides an opportunity for family

Children’s Books: Ages 3-5

Children’s Books: Ages 6-8

Children’s Books: Ages 9 – 12


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